This is the first prototype Dual Disc clutch test.


This is a second test after changing the pressure diaphragm to a lighter one.


This is a destructive test of the Dual Disc clutch

Here is the story behind the video. I needed to know how much abuse this clutch could take. The video tells a lot but what isn’t there is I fixed the axle but I did nothing else. The owner drove the car home and then drove it all week long prior to the Dream Cruise all up and down Woodward Ave. doing burnouts where ever there was water put out and there was plenty! About a week after the Dream Cruise the owner heard some noise coming from the clutch and decided it was time to pull it. The rattling noise were the flywheel bolts, they had loosened with all the heat and stress. There were a couple of other issues but it was the bolts that made the clutch come out. A new clutch was put in the car and is still in it today.