Here you will find some prices of services and parts. This is not the only services I offer nor the only parts I carry but is a sample of what I can do.

I do not do body work.


I will do any mechanical restoration including component painting and powder coating and ceramic coating.

My shop rate is $50 hr. I use the 1969 Motors flat rate manual for time guides and for what is not in the book I have a few of my own flat rates. Anything else is time and material.

Keep in mind that this is a full time thing for me again but you still will not get it yesterday.

I accept Check, MO, or Pay Pal

Engine R&R 
Turbo Engine 
Add for Trans and Diff Removal 
Standard Engine Rebuild, Call for Parts or info
Race Prep Block, Includes Enlarge Main Oil Galleries 
Bore Cylinders 
Valve Guide Liner, Installed
Valve Guide, Installed, Bronze Extra
Valve Seat, Installed 
Weld Head for Valve Seat Repair 
Titanium Valve Retainers 
Valve Springs, 100# seat pressure
Intake Valves
SS Exhaust Valves
Lifters, These are not saucer plates!
High Perf. Lifters, as used in my own race car 
Mill Cylinder Heads, cut fin area only
Resurface Cylinder Gasket Area
61-65 4spd Trans Rebuild, Includes small parts and gaskets
66-69 Saginaw 4spd Rebuild, Includes small parts and gaskets 
Yenko Close Ratio Trans, Core Needed 
Std Differential Rebuild, Auto slightly higher, Includes Bearings, Seals, and Gaskets 
AMSOIL Gear Lube, The Correct GL-4 
Clutch Disc, Plus Core, Welded Center ONLY 
Pressure Plate, STD, Plus Core
Bolt and Balance Flywheel
Engine Sheet Metal Bolt Kits 
Grade 8 Bolts 
65-69 Rebuilt Rear Lower Control Arms